Next to the Smyltne Tourist Information Center, Smylten’s Tropical Butterfly House is now located. Here you can see exotic and gorgeous tropical butterflies from the far-away jungles, completely different climatic conditions. South American, Asian, and African butterflies you dazzle with colorfulness, variety of wings written in a variety of writings and a thrilling, light flight!

Tropical Butterflies Smiltyne is a place where you can find out the life cycle of a Butterfly, which can be colorful as butterfly wings, to learn more about the butterfly structure, life cycle, behavior, and more. We also arranged information about the butterflies found in Lithuania and the Curonian Spit, as interesting but also interesting butterflies in Lithuania. We are happy to congratulate you on the first butterfly encountered in spring, and we anticipate the upcoming summer event, whether it’s raging or sunny – summer’s written in  butterflies wings.

The tropical butterflies in the Tropical Butterflies are not common and have a tile-dome design. House designs are not only visually impressive, but also feature the characteristic features of the building, the shape of the geodesic dome and the shape of the crescent.

Summer flowers, tropical plants, exotic butterflies, whipping birds and unusual colored fish – all this awaits you Tropical Smiltynės Butterflies!
Project authors Kursiu nerija national park.

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